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Sympathy Notes That Never Grow Old

It was time to clean my desk, so I emptied all the cubbyholes and dumped everything on the table. I sorted through old baby announcements, wedding invitations, endearing birthday cards and sweet thank you notes. I started a pile to keep and a stack to shred and then, to my surprise, I found two condolence messages tucked into eulogies from my mother’s…


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More Online Dating Tips for Widows, Part Two

Q. I’ve tried online dating on a variety of websites, but have never been interested in continuing to see someone after a first meeting for coffee or lunch. There hasn’t been any chemistry. Any advice? I had a very good marriage and my friends say my standards are too high.…


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Gregory Edward <3

So I'm new to this whole thing.. But here's the story. I'm 17 years old and my big brother (24) committed suicide on September 30th. He was a really bad drinker, and he knew he needed help. He was my best friend. I went through a stage of about a year an a half getting bullied, and he was the only one that was there for me and helped me through it. I spent every waking moment with him, he would even sleep on my floor in my room some nights. We went riding, fishing, everytime I was hungry…


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Reading  the victims of murder page and my heart goes out to those who are  suffering . I pray that families stay strong. Things are definitely getting bad to worse. Who would think that a family friend would do such a thing. Justice will prevail- Romans 12:19

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doesn't remember us anymore.

We learned today that my father in law isn't doing so well. He's going on 80. Diabetes and his age has taken a toll on his mind and body. He doesn't know who we are anymore. It's tough on him to be surrounded by "strangers" telling him about things he no longer knows. It's hard on us to be no longer known.

He's in hospice care at an out of town care home. There's a lot more to the story. But any ways, he's not been home for a long time.

The guilt from not being in contact with him… Continue

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Reconciling With a Loved One After Loss

My friend Janet once told me that parents raise their children to be independent and, therefore, they won’t get along all the time. I always thought of this in the years that my mom and I lived under one roof following my divorce in 2011.

I had a house…


Added by Michelle Linn-Gust on April 2, 2014 at 12:00pm — No Comments

2 Years Later and No Closure and Jealous Boyfriends in the Mix

I was in a relationship while finding out my father's death. Sadly, he just couldn't understand why I felt upset and sad over my father's death 2 years later. He would belittle how I felt and told me that I was self imposing it (trying to play a psychiatrist which he wasn't by any means)I learned that while still dealing with the aftermath of my dad I was in an emotional abusive relationship on top of still dealing with estate issues and the absence of my dad. I also sense that he was…


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Selfies on the Obituary Page

A couple of recent obituaries have received widespread notice online and in the media. One, for an actor, was so low-key it was almost unrecognizable; the other was so quirky its subject was unmistakable.

What they shared in common was they were both first-person obits.

That’s not so unusual these days as people are taking charge of their end-of-life activities…


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My loss and becoming a published author

I lost two adult children which I cared for them 

my oldest son Jimmy was 30 and died of congestive heart failure 

shortly after his death I lost my father then my daughter,and two sisters.Shortly after my loss I began publishing books one was about my grief journey …


Added by Shirley Denton on March 30, 2014 at 8:36pm — No Comments

You Were There

The day you died Heavens angels carried your soul away

my mind confused lost without direction 

darkness erased  my joy filling my world with endless pain

I couldn't find comfort in family or friends 

know one could understand 

I felt abandoned by all fading in depression 

feeling numb dying slowly as a woman 

praying night and day for release 

your embrace saved me when know one could

now I thank you Lord for now I walk in the…


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My Grief Journey

Added by Shirley Denton on March 30, 2014 at 5:47pm — 1 Comment

Surprise Death

I just found out that a close friend died a few weeks ago. Did not even know she was sick. I miss her .
I totally missed the funeral because I just found out. I can not wait until death will be a thing of the past (Hebrews 2 :14)

Added by TCGOODWIN on March 29, 2014 at 7:28am — No Comments

Living with Loss

My mom was widowed twice by the age of 46, and she gave me some sage advice; “Life is a series of changes and you must learn to adapt to change.” At this time in my life my perspective is a bit different; I see life as a series of losses, and it’s essential that you learn to cope with those…


Added by Robbie Miller Kaplan on March 24, 2014 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Thinking About It

While I'm here and I'm thinking about it, I've been thinking about trying for another baby in July.

I've been so scared to reach out about this. It's the most terrifying thought and action I could ever imagine. All the thoughts of all that happened could happen again. But at some point, I'd like to try to conquer this and move forward within this new life.

Is there anyone out there that can relate to this? I've asked others in my face to face group, but I've found it's a… Continue

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A thousand thoughts run through my head, like when you get the multiplier of six balls on a pinball table; bouncing around like crazy, zinging, pinging, blinging, lights, sounds, and buzzers. It helps to let it go somewhere. Whether it makes sense to anyone else or not, it's a giant step for me to even put it out there. In the future, I can read back and see where I've been, and how far I've come.

I call it organizing my verbal vomit. If I don't vent it written, and evaluate my feelings, I… Continue

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Offensively Defensive

I find myself thinking, why am I so offended when people make comments referring to "the strength I've shown through out everything. I just couldn't have survived it the way you have. It would have taken me right then and there."

Angers me. Offends me. Why? I should be complimented. That's all they are trying to do. However, I find myself deeply stand offish over such conversational content.

It annoys me. Don't tell me that you couldn't have survived it. That's just rude.… Continue

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Long Winter Gives Way to Bright Spring

Spring is coming. While it might not seem like it with all snow and rain in many states this winter, everything will begin sprouting green soon because of all that moisture.

Usually we all look forward to spring because that means summer and…


Added by Michelle Linn-Gust on March 20, 2014 at 10:26am — No Comments

Am i doing something wrong

It will be two year's next month since my wife passed away. I see her family living life like nothing happened. I know life goes on but I am having a hard time and I still struggle every day. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Others have gotten over it and I can't.

Added by Greg Janik on March 19, 2014 at 10:40am — 2 Comments

Lost My Husband of 39 Years

My husband was killed in a tragic car accident last July while we were traveling from Greece back to Bulgaria.  Five days prior to the accident our son had gotten married to a wonderful girl from Bulgaria.  After the wedding we were traveling with the brides parents and my brother and sister in law as well as my best friend.  We planned this trip to Greece to relax by the water.  On the way back to Bulgaria a car decided to pass in a no passing zone causing a collison with a semi which than…


Added by Marie on March 19, 2014 at 9:56am — 2 Comments

Arlington National Cemetery Burial Isn't Limited to Heroes, Government VIPs

Q. I heard that an acquaintance of mine, who just died, is going to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Is that possible? He was just an ordinary guy. I thought you had to be a military…


Added by Florence Isaacs on March 18, 2014 at 1:30pm — No Comments

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